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Ownership of site

As a property developer, you will always be on the lookout for a promising site. If you send us a location plan, we can carry out a preliminary search to establish the owner of the major part of the site. We can also establish whether there are any restrictive conditions in the titles that could adversely affect any development eg the land is in the common ownership of all the houses in an estate; or it was gifted to the Council on condition that it was always to be used as a public park.

We must stress that the best person to examine burdens in deeds is your solicitor and that we would only be highlighting the most problematical ones. This could all be achieved without alerting anyone of your interest and consequently finding the price increased. We can also find out the price paid for the property and whether the owner has any securities over it.

Should you then wish to proceed with the identification of the ownership of the whole site, we could undertake more extensive searching and provide copy deeds showing the extent of each individual ownership.

What do you need to send?

We will usually need a plan showing the area in question. Street plans can be obtained from various online sources. To obtain a site-centred scaled plan, you will need to visit an Options Outlet and you can find the nearest one on the Ordnance Survey web site.

How are the results presented?

We can provide ownership details in whatever format you require: as copy deeds, as coloured plans, in tablature form, by way of a letter, or anything else you wish. We aim to help you in the best way to suit your needs. Our most common way of presenting results for the ownership of land is by way of a report enclosing copies of descriptive deeds with details of the latest titles. For complex enquiries, we include a coloured plan showing the make-up of the site with a table showing the current owners and their titles, as well as a full report.

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