Litigation sometimes involves ownership of property. Here are some examples of situations where we can assist.

Accident Claims

This could involve finding the ownership of a site where an accident occurred. We can find who owns the locus if you send an "X marks the spot" map. This can be on anything from a sketch to a Google satellite image and we are often sent photographs, although these can sometimes be very difficult to relate to the map. For this type of enquiry the best plan is likely to be a site-centred map from Ordnance Survey which can be obtained from your nearest Options Outlet, the location of which can be found here.

Boundary Dispute

We can search against the properties involved and look at historical deeds for any recorded information on the boundary position.

Divorce Settlements

Where there is a query over property owned by one of the parties in a marital dispute, we can search to find all the property vest in a particular individual, although this could be expensive depending on the area being searched and whether or not the name is a common one.

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