Land Ownership


Ownership Enquiries can range from a simple request to identify the owner of a house to finding multiple ownership of a large proposed development site.

What do you need to send?

If the property has a postal address, this may be all that is required. If it's a field, for example, we will probably need a plan to show the area. If it's adjacent to property your clients already own, then it may be sufficient to show the area in question on a copy of a title plan or deed plan. If this is not possible, a sketch can sometimes suffice for an easily identifiable small area or a street map may
be used for a large area.

Nowadays we are often instructed using maps and satellite images from Google maps, although we do not always find these easy to relate to more detailed maps. To obtain a site-centred scaled plan, you will need to visit an Options Outlet and you can find the nearest one on the Ordnance Survey web site here.

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